George Crave, Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese

The Crave Brothers enjoy telling the story of dairy farming that emphasizes cow comfort, quality milk, and working in harmony with the land to produce quality milk and award winning cheeses.

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Raised on a 40 cow dairy farm near Beloit, Wisconsin, George and his brothers, Charles, Thomas and Mark, began farming together in 1978 in Mount Horeb, milking 57 cows on a rented farm.  They purchased their current Waterloo dairy farm in 1980 with the goal of building a successful agribusiness.

Their product line is truly "farmstead," they raise and produce everything - from the forage of corn, alfalfa, and soybeans they feed to their Holstein cows, to the milk and the cheeses they make right on their farm in Waterloo, Wisconsin. They do it all in a sustainable, earth-friendly way and we love the fact that they're dedicated to "cow comfort."  Today, milk from the farm is pumped directly into the cheese plant on the other side of the main driveway via underground pipes. It's that ultra fresh, sweet milk that makes the cheese so good.

Petite Frère is really the Crave Brothers signature artisan product.  It's a European-style cheese that we selected to reflect the Crave family's Irish-French heritage. To better nurture this specialty and have full control over its affinage, the Craves use a specially designed aging cellars.

CRAVE BROTHERS WITH BORDER.jpgThe Crave Brothers milk Holstein cows that are fed homegrown, high quality forages consisting of corn, alfalfa and soybeans. Their farm emphasizes conservation and sustainable practices, while consideration is given to what is best for the environment, the cows and the consumer. The pampered cows receive plenty of exercise, fresh air and individualized care. The cow's manure is converted into energy and organic fertilizer through a manure digester located on their farm. Cows are bedded with composted manure solids from the manure digester, which produces enough electricity to power their farm, cheese factory and over 300 area homes.


  • 2nd Place - 2009 American Cheese Society, Austin, Texas: Farmstead Cheeses-Open Category for Cheese Aged Less Than 60 Days
  • Gold Award - 2008 World Cheese Awards, Dublin, Ireland
  • 2nd Place - 2007 American Cheese Society, Vermont: American Originals, Open Category Made From Cow's Milk
  • Bronze - 2007 World Cheese Awards, London, England: Rind Washed Category
  • Silver Award - 2006 World Cheese Awards, London, England: Cheese produced on a farm or dairy with a total output not exceeding a weekly average of 2 tons


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