Recipes Made with Cheese

Great cheese...that's why you are here, isn't it?  We have started a collection of recipes that use delicious Wisconsin Cheese.  The variety of ways to incorporate cheese into your favorite dishes is endless.  We would like to help you get your creative juices flowing with these new recipes to try in  your kitchen and share with your family and friends..Explore and enjoy!
This month we are celebrating National Grilled Cheese Month featuring the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board's Grilled Cheese Academy!  Yes, Wisconsin has an Academy dedicated to Grilled Cheese.  We think it's pretty special and want to share some of our favorite recipes with you.

The Bianca

Wisconsin Mascarpone, dulce de leche, and raspberry preserves on cinnamon raisin bread.  What a great new twist on a "grilled cheese".

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Photo credit to Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

The Pilgrim

Features Wisconsin Gouda and smoked turkey breast smothered in cranberry mustard and sage-butter.

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Photo credit to Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board


Risotto Style Mac 'n Cheese

By Eat Wisconsin

Tiny orzo, which resembles the rice used to make Italian risotto, is cooked slowly in chicken broth then combined with Wisconsin Gran Queso Cheese (which is similar to Spanish Manchego Cheese), Wisconsin Parmesan, butter and cream to make a creamy macaroni and cheese-like dish. Pimentos, olives, crispy Serrano ham and smoked paprika almonds add more Spanish elements and textural contrast to the dish.

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Shake it Up!  Mexican Mac 'n Cheese

Featured Wisconsin Cheeses:  Asiago, Monterey Jack
By Mango & Tomato

When I was a little girl, one of my favorite dishes had only two ingredients: macaroni and cheese.

My parents would cook macaroni until they were soft, drain them and add them to a bowl. The bowl most likely had a character from one of the Russian fairy tales on the bottom. Then, they'd add shredded cheese. The cheese would melt as soon as it hit the hot pasta and form long strings when I picked the pasta with a fork.  Click here for the recipe!


Balsamic Mac'n Cheese

By Sprinkled with Flour

There are certain simple pleasures in life that make me feel good. Like walking hand in hand with my son, the feel of his trusting grip against my fingers, and the methodical thud, thud, thud of his 4-year-old gait, as his too-big rain boots scrape against the pavement. This was a moment that captured me as we made a quick trip to the store to get the ingredients for this dish. Dark skies and rainy weather are the perfect combination to enjoy another simple pleasure - comfort food. Macaroni and cheese to be exact.  Click here for the recipe!


Big Fat Greek Mac 'n Cheese

Featured Wisconsin Cheeses: Bellatini Formaggio, Peppercorn Feta

By Snacking in the Kitchen

Do people eat mac and cheese in Greece? I'm not sure, but if they do, I bet it tastes something like this recipe.

I want to tell you a little bit about my inspiration for the recipe. I fell in love with Greece while watching Mamma Mia! and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I have yet to travel to Greece, but every time I enjoy Greek cuisine, I can almost imagine myself on one of the islands, surrounded by the breeze off the blue waters, the white stucco of the buildings and the loud chatter of the Greek yayades. For the recipe, I picked some of my favorite ingredients from Greek salad and combined them with a traditional mac and cheese. The sweet red bell peppers, kalamata olives, pepperoncini, and parsley add not only color to the mac and cheese, but also cut through the richness of the creamy cheese sauce. The crumbled pita chips top the mac and cheese just like they would a large plate of Greek salad and add a nice texture contrast.

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Wild Mushroom and Gruyere Mac 'n Cheese

Featured Wisconsin Cheeses: Gruyère, Sharp White Cheddar

By Daisy Simmons

This rich, creamy recipe packs decadent flavors in with good old-fashioned baked mac consistency. White truffle oil brings out the mushrooms' earthy deliciousness, while Gruyère and Cheddar sharpen the naturally sweet onions.

I decided to go with Gruyère as the principal cheese because I had just scored the perfect shitake mushrooms from the farmers' market and really wanted to try them with a mac-and-cheese recipe. And Gruyère is a perfect match for mushrooms because it has its own earthy, slightly mushroom-esque taste.

My original vision didn't include onions, but as I was pushing the mushrooms around in the pan, my nose reminded me of my favorite veggie burger fixings: caramelized onions and grilled mushrooms, and it seemed so obvious that I should add them in too. I'm glad I did because their natural sweetness contrasts nicely with the savory mushrooms and sharp White Cheddar.

In the end, the flavors all worked together really well and the crumbly crispy top was the perfect texture match for the melty goodness inside.

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Carmelized Onion Pasta Gratin

Featured Wisconsin Cheeses: Emmentaler

By She Simmers

Last year, I shared with you one of my favorite macaroni and cheese recipes, Spiced Apple Macaroni and Cheese, which happens to be a bit unusual in that it is not a savory pasta gratin. Well, the lack of savoriness of last year is more than compensated for with this pasta gratin that mimics the deep, complex, multi-layered flavor of the classic French onion soup. For a dish that doesn't contain any meat other than the essence of beef in the beef broth, it doesn't get any more savory than this.  Read more and receive the recipe...

Fontina, Spinach and Bacon Shells and Cheese

Featured Wisconsin Cheeses: Mascarpone, Fontina, Parmesan

By Good Life Eats

I love homemade shells and cheese. So creamy and comforting! I wanted to create a more "up-scale" version of one of my favorite classics. I chose Wisconsin Fontina Cheese as the base for my recipe, inspired by the slightly creamy texture. I thought it would be perfect for the shells. I love the buttery and earthy flavor of this cheese. Read more plus recipe...